Case Study


Discover How ESCA Recaptured 80-120 Hours Monthly and Achieved 344% Engagement Growth through Consistent Branding and Enhanced Social Engagement!

Client Overview


The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the official contractors of trade shows. Their mission is to facilitate unforgettable experiences for attendees while upholding exceptional professionalism and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Challenge


ESCA encountered multiple marketing obstacles:

  1. Their brand required an update to represent their mission and values better.
  2. They needed consistent marketing and branding across all platforms.
  3. Their visuals had to be more captivating to resonate with their target audience.
  4. A well-defined marketing strategy was lacking to direct their efforts.

Due to their limited capacity, ESCA’s in-house team found it challenging to efficiently manage these tasks, prompting them to seek external assistance to optimize their marketing efforts and conserve valuable time.

The Solution


Our team at epIQ Creative Group offered a comprehensive solution to address ESCA’s marketing challenges:

  1. Complete marketing team support: We provided ESCA with a dedicated marketing team to handle all their marketing requirements, saving them time and effort in managing these tasks internally.
  2. Design and development of creative assets: We designed and produced 6-10 customized creative assets per month, catering to ESCA’s specific needs and objectives.
  3. Implementation of marketing campaigns: We oversaw ESCA’s email marketing, social media posts, and ad campaigns, ensuring their marketing messages reached the appropriate audience at the right time.

The Results


By collaborating with epIQ, ESCA accomplished the following outcomes:

  1. Time saved: 80-120 hours per month, enabling their team to concentrate on other crucial tasks and enhance overall efficiency.
  2. Increased social engagement: Our focused and appealing marketing campaigns helped ESCA engage with a broader audience, elevating their online presence and engagement rates by 344%.
  3. Consistent and revitalized brand image: We assisted ESCA in developing a cohesive brand identity that aligned with their mission and values, establishing a robust and consistent brand image across all marketing materials.

In Conclusion


Our collaboration with ESCA showcased the impact of a well-rounded marketing strategy and the benefits of entrusting marketing tasks to a specialized agency. By relying on epIQ for their marketing necessities, ESCA managed to save 80-120 hours per month, boost social engagement by 344%, and create a coherent brand image that appealed to their target audience. This case study emphasizes how our team can assist businesses like yours in surmounting marketing obstacles and unleashing their complete potential.

Before engaging epIQ Creative Group, I would wake up and worry about all the content marketing needs and tasks that needed to be done to ensure the success of our association. With epIQ, not only do we have a strategic marketing plan, but we are also ahead of schedule and making waves!  This is evident in our engagement data, members’ feedback, and industry response.  The polish, professionalism, and service provided by epIQ have completely elevated every aspect of our marketing at ESCA.

Julie Kagy

Director of Operations, ESCA

Who is epIQ Creative Group


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