Edison, NJ – August 12, 2022 epIQ Creative Group acquires Community Leaders Institute, a member-based organization representing thousands of community leaders and professionals. Community professionals have been around for years but recently have become one of the hottest professions in the marketing realm. Thousands of communities exist to this day and more and more are being created every day.

“CLI, as the foremost independent organization representing community professionals, affords it’s
members amazing opportunities to shine a light on the value these professionals bring to the
marketing ecosystem,” says Bill McGlade, President of epIQ, “We remain diligent in our efforts to
continue bringing forth the value of communities while investing into the future and the ever
changing marketing industry. We thank our current members for their patience and
understanding as we bring new and exciting opportunities to engage and grow as community
professionals and leaders.” Scott Lebwohl, the Executive Vice President of Glenmore Industries,
which is the parent company of the Community Leaders Institute and epIQ Creative Group, says
“Measuring and validating the efforts and effectiveness of community leaders and their members
has always been a moving target. With our progressive approach to metrics, engagement, and
education, we strongly believe we’re the vanguard of the next evolution in collecting and
reporting these member based and value driven goals. Being able to tap into crowd sourced real
time analytics and sentiment within each tailored cohort and subset is the business intelligence
dream we’re bringing to reality.”

”I am beyond excited about the potential of Community Leaders Institute (CLI) with epIQ behind it now. We launched CLI in 2021 to address a need for an independent global association to serve the rapidly growing Community profession. Companies and organizations of all sizes are racing to develop and grow communities — it is currently one of the fastest growing marketing trends on
the planet. Technology platforms and solutions are launching to fill the need. epIQ is the ideal shepherd to take CLI to the next level and help CLI members be more successful. This investment in CLI and new ownership will give the growing profession a neutral home with long term

epIQ Creative Group, a division of Glenmore Industries, provides premium marketing services and content to our unique community membership subscription program so our members gain
knowledge and assets to thrive in your industry. Join the Quantum Circle!
Community Leaders Institute is a member based organization representing thousands of community leaders and professionals through education, certification, and events.

CONTACT: Bill McGlade, President
COMPANY: epIQ Creative Group
PHONE: 732-588-7320 x 100
EMAIL: information@epiqcreativegroup.com