Why AI Copywriting Is The Future & How It Will Impact Marketers 


A lot of marketers are saying “Why AI copy writing?” or “What’s the future of content marketing?” Well, I can answer those questions with ease. AI content and B2B content creation were two of the major keynotes and themes at SMMW2018. With AI growing in popularity, it should really come as no surprise that AI copywriting is on the rise.  

Currently, there are some limitations with how advanced AI writing can get, but with that being said, it still is on its way to becoming powerful enough to completely replace humans in all forms of content creation. Remember keywords? The days of keyword stuffing your articles seem to be over… eventually.  

Who knows what kind of impact this new technology will have on content creation for brands around the world? About a year ago, we saw an article where an AI wrote an article about a dog that learned how to drive a car. The article was spooky and funny all at once. Most human writers would probably never think of using the words “dog drove a car” together within the same few sentences; however, this new-fangled robot did not think twice about it! So… let’s dive into this topic. 

AI copywriting isn’t the future, it’s already here. The fact is, AI can write content better than even some of the best marketers out there. You see, a lot of marketers are two-sided. Behind closed doors they tell their bosses how much they love AI and how it will revolutionize marketing as we know it. On camera, however, these same marketers bash the role of AI in content creation.  

It’s understandable that a lot of people are wary of AI and its ability to perform such tasks. But don’t be fooled by what you see on social media; AI isn’t an evil entity that’s designed to annihilate your job (not completely anyway). The benefits it can bring to your business are plentiful. 

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Let’s start with the basics. What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Well, to put it simply, it’s a computer system that can make decisions and complete tasks without human intervention. So what does this mean for content marketers? It means that soon, you’ll be able to outsource a lot more of your content creation to machines—and not just any machines, but highly sophisticated ones that can produce high-quality work!  

AI copywriting is already gaining traction: In fact, in an interview with VentureBeat, Sam Lessin of Finji stated that his company had used AI to write a whole game’s worth of dialogue: “I wrote about 30 percent of the dialogue in our game,” he said. “And I was pretty proud. But I’ve played games recently where I would say 90 percent [of the characters’ lines] were better than anything I could do, and they were all generated by AIs.” 

Nowadays, consumers are bombarded by thousands of words everyday, from advertisements to labels to the taglines on products. For most people, this means that reading has become a chore that they try to avoid. When marketers want to get their message across through writing, they have to find ways to stand out against all that noise. This is where AI copywriters come in.  

This article itself was written at least 80% by an AI. That’s right—while you were reading this introduction, not even a human was involved in its creation. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!  

The AI-written article itself will explain why this is a great thing for marketers and consumers alike: Benefits of AI copy writing  

Machine-generated articles are more concise. Linguistic studies have shown that computers can more easily take a piece of text and condense it down into its main ideas—ideas which can then be presented more effectively in less time. That means that readers experience less discomfort when consuming your content, which can lead to better results for your campaign!  

AI Copywriters can write articles that are grammatically correct, get across a brand’s message or product benefits, and maximize conversions. Because they are capable of doing all of these things at once, they can help brands:  

1) Contribute to brand voice consistency.  

2) Save time by automatically generating content for multiple platforms.  

3) Spend less money by reducing the need for copywriters, marketers, and publishers.  

4) Achieve higher ROI through better engagement and conversion rates. 

Content creation is now a critical aspect of marketing, and as that role becomes more central, AI-driven content creation will begin to impact the content marketing landscape. For marketers who understand how AI adds value to their business and how it can improve productivity, the benefits of this technology will be clear. Regardless of your interest in AI copy writing, it’s only a matter of time before it significantly impacts your industry. 

Ultimately, it will be incumbent upon marketers and content creators of all stripes to adapt this new AI-powered landscape. Marketers will have to change their approach to content creation, while content consumers will need to re-evaluate their role in the creation/distribution process. Both groups will also have to learn how to be less tolerant of (but also more open-minded towards) messaging that is not completely human. After all, AI copywriter messages are the future of content marketing. 

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