Digital Marketing Strategy

– How much time does it actually take?


Crafting a digital marketing strategy is akin to weaving a complex tapestry. Each thread, each knot, is vital. Let’s pull back the curtain and examine the intricacies involved.

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Social Media: Picture this – crafting an engaging social media post. It’s more than a witty caption over a catchy image. It can take the average marketing professional up to 1-2 hours, sometimes more, just for a single post.

Ads and Promotions: Now, let’s shift gears to an ad or a promotion. It’s about creating a compelling narrative that prompts action. It’s an art form that can consume up to 8-40 hours of meticulous work.

Digital/Print Materials: Consider designing an eBook cover or a brochure. It’s a labor of love, taking up to 40-80 hours to get every detail just right.

Banners: Banners are visual magnets. Each detail competes for attention and making that impact can easily consume 20-40 hours.

Logos: Designing a logo is a strategic endeavor. It’s your brand’s first impression, and perfecting it can take up to 40-80 hours.

Infographics: Turning data into a compelling visual story isn’t a walk in the park. From collecting data to designing the graphics, it’s an 80-hour commitment at the very least.

Step & Repeat: Designing personalized photo backdrops for events is about crafting experiences. This design and planning process can easily consume up to 40-80 hours.



Email Copywriting: Writing an engaging email is a balancing act between information and interest. Crafting the perfect email can take up to 8 hours.

Lead List: Finding your next best customer requires precision. It’s about careful profiling, and analyzing, and can take up to 40-60 hours to get right.

Articles/Blogs: Creating an engaging blog post is a blend of research, creativity, and strategy. It can take up to 20-40 hours to orchestrate perfectly.

Video: Producing video content is akin to directing a short film. Even simple text videos can take a few hours, while more complex projects can run up to 80 hours or more.


In the world of marketing, each hour counts. If you’re a marketing pro going solo or part of a small team, imagine the hours you could save and the opportunities you could capture if these tasks were handled for you.



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