Affinity Program


*member-based organizations add non-dues revenue

Yes, we have an

Affinity Program

*member-based organizations add non-dues revenue

Here is how it works

Quantum Circle Affinity Partner Program

The Ultimate Non-Dues Revenue Program

Affinity Partner Receives:

  • Earn 10% recurring commission when your audience signs up for the Quantum Circle membership
  • Entrance into the Quantum Circle™ community

    To participate, the Affinity Partner agrees to:


    • Enable epIQ to provide 4 educational live or on-demand presentations to be distributed by you to your audience. Topics include:

      • Marketing 101: The Basics of Building a Strong Brand – This presentation would cover the fundamentals of building a brand for small and medium-sized businesses, including topics such as identifying target audiences, creating a brand voice and message, and developing a marketing plan.
      • Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses – This presentation would focus on how small and medium-sized businesses can effectively use social media platforms to reach and engage with their target audiences. Topics would include creating content that resonates with your audience, using paid advertising on social media, and measuring the success of your social media efforts.
      • Content Marketing: Creating and Distributing Valuable Content to Attract and Retain Customers – This presentation would explore the importance of creating valuable and relevant content as part of a small business’s overall marketing strategy. Topics would include identifying target audiences, creating a content calendar, and using SEO to increase visibility.
      • Email Marketing: Building and Maintaining a Strong Email List – This presentation would cover the essentials of email marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, including building an email list, creating effective email campaigns, and measuring the success of your email marketing efforts.
      • Paid Advertising for Small Businesses: Maximizing ROI on a Limited Budget – This presentation would cover the various paid advertising options available to small and medium-sized businesses, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. The presentation would also discuss how to create effective ad campaigns, track performance, and optimize ad spend to maximize return on investment.
      • Measurement and Analytics for Small Businesses: How to Track and Optimize Your Marketing Efforts – This presentation would cover the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the various tools and techniques available to track performance. Topics would include setting up and tracking key performance indicators, understanding your customer’s journey, and using data to optimize your marketing strategy.
      • Video Marketing for Small Businesses: Creating Engaging Video Content – This presentation would cover the benefits of video marketing and how small and medium-sized businesses can create engaging video content that resonates with their target audiences. Topics would include identifying the right video format for your brand, creating a video production plan, and using video to increase engagement and drive conversions.
      • Trade Show Pro-Tips: How to Stand Out and Succeed as an Exhibitor – This presentation is designed to help exhibitors make the most of their trade show experience. Exhibitors will learn tips and strategies for creating a professional and engaging booth, effectively showcasing their products and services, and making meaningful connections with attendees. Topics will include booth design, marketing and promotional techniques, and networking strategies.  By the end of the session, exhibitors will have the tools and knowledge they need to stand out and succeed at your next trade show.
      • Trade Show Mastery: From Attendee to Pro – How to Get the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience – is a comprehensive presentation designed to help attendees make the most of their trade show experience. Attendees will learn how to navigate the trade show floor, find and connect with the right exhibitors, and gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry experts. The session will also cover techniques on how to effectively network and follow up with new contacts made during the event, and other tips and strategies for maximizing your trade show experience. By the end of the session, attendees will have the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of their trade show experience, and turn their attendance into valuable business opportunities.
      • Don’t Be Scared: How to Utilize AI to Streamline Your Business and Grow – Don’t be afraid of AI! Learn how to use AI technology to streamline your business processes and unlock new opportunities for growth. In this session, we’ll explore the potential of AI, how to incorporate AI technology into your operations, and how to leverage AI to improve efficiency, increase sales, and stay ahead of the competition. Join us and discover how to use AI to revolutionize your business and achieve success!
    • Send at least 2 emails in the period of 12 months about the Quantum Circle membership program to your audience. We will create these emails so all you have to do is press send.

    • List the program on your website. We will send you a template to use so all you have to do is place on your website.

    Choose a monthly asset from the Design or Content List


    Depending on your needs, pick 1, 3, or 6 assets per month


    Digital/Web Graphics

    • 20 Funny national holiday social media posts
    • 20 National holiday social media posts
    • 20 Social media posts (list of your choice)
    • 5x Digital social media Ad design
    • 5x Landscape email/Registration page banners
    • 5x Social media cover images
    • Webinar/Presentation social media posts, thumbnails, banners
    • 5x Website banners/Hero images


    Digital/Print Collaterals

    • Banners
    • Book/eBook covers
    • Brochures
    • Catalogs
    • Event Invites
    • Flyers
    • Magazine (up to 10 pages)
    • Postcards
    • Poster
    • Prospectus (Event, Exhibitor, Sponsorship)
    • Sale Sheet
    • Vouchers


    • Emblem
    • Mascot
    • Lettermark


    • Infographics


    • Email copywriting
    • New lead list (up to 1,500 contacts with Fname, Lname, & Email address)
    • 1 Article/blog - 1,500 words
    • 2 min engaging TEXT video content
    • Splitting 1 provided video into 2 min video snippets with CC

    If you need a creative asset that we don't have listed, contact us to find out if we can work on it for you!

    Easy Peasy!

    Access the Client portal to manage your subscription.

    When you sign up, the CC will be automatically charged each month for the subscription fee. In the customer portal, you can see your charges and download invoices.


    Does your organization need additional marketing support?

     You can join as a full Quantum Circle™ member too!